Sunday, 12 June 2011


Had a great Sunday despite the considerably wet weather. This morning we met friends at the Love Food "Festival" (I use the term loosely) in Bath, which was full of local produce including cider, cheeses, breads, cakes and even wild boar salami. Apparently there's somewhere half an hour away with over 100 boar running around. Who knew?

There was also a crazy selection of herbs, and I learnt that you can get Pineapple Sage which does actually smell of pineapple (though I'm not sure what recipe would call for this..) and about 12 different types of thyme.

But by far the busiest stall was this dude selling his homemade jamaican fayre. We sampled some authentic jerk chicken with rice and peas, saltfish fritters and ginger beer. Spicy but really good stuff.

Toby was kept entertained by decorating cupcakes...and then eating all the other cakes we were tempted into buying.

My favourite thing about Sunday, is that it's the only day where it's perfectly acceptable to change back into your pyjamas at 4 in the afternoon, crack open a cider (or insert tipple of choice), and snuggle up with a film. In particular, a rainy Sunday just feels wrong without a bit of meat roasting away in the oven, so later on Toby and I tucked into some succulent roast pork..

I think that's enough food for today...maybe I'll be posting a few more salads this week!

Hope you've all had a great weekend and not let the rain dampen your spirits.

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