Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Last night, some very good birthday steak was had at Hudson's in Bath. I've always wanted to go here, having heard high praise of it serving the best steak in Bath, but was hesitant that their early evening offer of £15.95 for steak bĂ©arnaise and a glass of wine might disappoint. Well, it certainly didn't! The meat was perfectly cooked - slightly crisp and smoky on the edges and meltingly tender within - and there was almost too much for us to eat (I say almost, but we managed to power through!) The house wine was a deep Merlot which complemented the steak so well that we ordered another couple of glasses. I can't really fault the service either - laid back, warm but unobtrusive. Just right for a relaxed Tuesday evening, and we didn't feel pushed to order any extras, which can often happen with these pre- theatre specials. I'd definitely recommend this place, whether you fancy an early dinner at excellent value, or a more elaborate affair - which we'll be sure to return for another time when we're feeling more flush!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


So I've just returned from a long weekend in Spain, celebrating my sister's hen party. There were a lot of frozen cocktails on the beach, many many free shots, hungover days eating pizza by the pool, fresh seafood, fish, and of course - a lot of sangria. I think I need a detox.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Snack Win

It's 9pm - the witching hour. The time of the evening when, without fail, I crave something a little sweet. It's my nemesis. I can go a whole day of eating clean, light, healthy food, but come the witching hour you'll usually find me with a cup of tea reaching for a hefty serving of biscuits, a few squares of chocolate, or a slice of hot toast. I think tonight's snack choice was an excellent one - and beats the buttery crumpets with jam that I was craving!

Sunday, 9 June 2013


This weekend was wonderful - I wish this sunshine could last forever. It gives you so many options for things to do, especially with hyper boys to entertain. On Saturday the Little One and I caught the train to the seaside. Now although Weston-Super-Mare won't win any awards for natural beauty, and the tide was miles out, we had a fun day of windy walks, sandcastles, ice creams, a picnic on the pier, and lots of arcade games.

Today we went for an explore in the woods close to where we live, that offers some amazing views over Bath, and had another picnic - I plan to have as many of these as possible this Summer! All that fresh air really builds up an appetite, and I'm sure we burned a lot of I won't feel guilty about that ice cream. At all.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Stealth Health

It's just 10 days until I go on a beach holiday for my sister's hen weekend. So that means no more baking (unless it's the healthy, sugarless kind), cutting way back on carbs (I cannot live without them entirely!) and a lot more fruit, veg and protein. I'm going to make sure I share what I eat with you to help keep me on track!
Starting with lunch today: ripe avocado mashed with lime juice, fresh basil and a good grinding of chilli flakes, served on a piece of toasted sourdough. Yes there are carbs and fat from the avocado, but it was natural, healthy and delicious.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Birthday Weekend!

It was my birthday on Saturday, giving us the perfect excuse to make a full weekend of it. As we were attending a friend's wedding on the actual day (which is pretty painful if, like me, you like a lot of birthday attention) we went for dinner and drinks with friends the night before. So much fun.

On my birthday morning I was spoiled with messages, cards and presents, a sunny breakfast in the garden, and what turned out to be a lovely day ending with us tearing up the wedding dance floor. So I didn't mind sharing the limelight a little. This is dedicated to all my friends and family who made me feel truly loved this birthday, and always.

Gin and Elderflower Tonics

OK their wedding cake was INCREDIBLE, but my birthday cake was served by this little guy, which is about as special as it gets.


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