Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tea and Toast

At the Bertinet Cafe this morning, we enjoyed Earl Grey tea for two served in vintage chinaware, and a "bucket of toast" containing a selection of fresh Bertinet bread and served with as much homemade jam as you like. The part self-service makes for a relaxed toast experience, as there are tables against the walls with their own individual toasters. Unfortunately these weren't working on our visit so we used the toaster next to the array of preserves, but I think it's a very cute idea. Richard Bertinet's sourdough bread is to die for, and went very nicely with the homemade quince jelly. Downstairs in the bakery, there are enough breads, pastries and cakes to keep any gal happy...and forgetful of any plans for a bikini body!



  1. Is Wigan to Bath too great a distance for tea and toast? Dilema!

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