Monday, 12 August 2013

Happy Campers


Sorry for my lack of posts recently...the Summer holidays are already proving to be as busy as I expected them to be! Last week was a first of us, as we decided to go camping - or "glamping" I guess, if you do as we did and hire a bell tent rather than battling with putting up our own. I'm glad we did though, as it gave us less stress and more time to hang out with the boys. We went for long beach walks; scrambled down cliffs to secret coves; went crabbing; ate fish and chips; explored rock pools; jumped waves; figured out how make a campfire, then cooked potatoes in it; jumped off hay bales; chased piglets; got a little bit sun-burnt; survived outside toilets and solar-powered showers; toasted a lot of marshmallows; and generally just had an awesome time.

Oh, and I really miss our pretty tent.

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