Monday, 30 September 2013

His New Favourite

Little P has been asking if we can go for sushi again for a little while. We've been practising with chopsticks at home each time we have noodles or rice, and he was desperate to test out his skills in public! So at the weekend we took a trip to Yen Sushi on Bartlett Street - the best place for sushi around these parts. 
  He loved watching the chefs at work, and impressed me with his enthusiasm for salmon sashimi and my favourite, the prawn tempura hand roll. He even helped himself to some tuna mini rolls from the conveyor belt! Oh, and his chopstick skills? Pretty good. I'll give him an A for effort, at least. He firmly declared it 'his new favourite place to eat' - which is fine by me! Have you introduced your little ones to sushi yet? 

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