Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Better Food Company

One morning after a particularly late night out in Bristol, I decided to cleanse myself with a quick stop at The Better Food Company in the St Werburgh's area. 

Although all my body was craving was a dirty burger, it did lift my spirits a little to browse the aisles of organic and wholefood produce, and buy myself a few things. The store also sells lots of locally produced items, from West Country cheeses to sausages from nearby farms. I was also craving sausages by this point. If you do find yourself peckish, there's a welcoming little cafe and deli on site.

The store has a delightfully stocked scoop-and-fill area, filled with anything you could need whether its rice, oats or lentils. I scooped up some very reasonably priced 'deluxe muesli', and could feel my body thanking me already!

There is also a (somewhat excessive, if you ask me) selection of rice cakes. But I was excited by all the crackers, so who am I to judge?

I couldn't resist these hazelnut waffles, nor could I ignore the chia seed superfood trend any longer. I have no idea what to use them for though, so I'll just be off googling that now. 

Here's to Spring and all its health and vitality!

(Disclaimer - I'm going to a 'beer and hot dog night' tomorrow - so here's to everything in moderation!) 

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