Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Making My Kitchen a Prettier Place To Be

Bath has a fairly decent flea market on a Saturday. As always these things can be hit or miss, but I love nothing better than having a leisurely rummage in an attempt to discover hidden treasures.

I've always been partial to a scarf and a cardigan (despite not being an 80 year old woman) but I do think I may be developing an addiction to vintage scarves. How happy do you think I was when I set my eyes on this?! I'm ashamed to tell you how many I bought.

And aren't these clocks just adorable? Was very tempted to get one for Wonderboy's room but i thought the ticking might drive him crazy.

But my find of the day? The prettiest teapot you ever did see...I had to bring it home.

I'd love to know if anyone else has thrifted anything this pretty recently?


  1. Hi Miss P, I've had some great thrift finds recently but nothing as pretty as this...I think mine have definitely been a lot more masculine...a wooden pipe, two old rulers with metal hinges, a lovely old woven Indian blanket and a little Victorian wooden pot complete with original face powder and soft powder puff....all for £7 from a carboot sale in Oxford. We arrived just before closing time so everyone was reducing their prices...

    So I think you win for pretty finds, your teapot looks perfect for afternoon tea with some of your lemon drizzle cupcakes...

  2. I am liking the sound of that blanket! You've just reminded me how much I love a car boot sale..and last minute is always the best time, when you start to see the desperation in their eyes and you can offer them basically anything!



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