Friday, 13 January 2012


If you haven't tried this cheese,well you HAVE to try this cheese! It's called Caprice des Dieux, and is a mild creamy cheese with a similar texture to Brie. I couldn't be happier right now-enjoying this with some crusty bread and Sauvignon Blanc, then getting my heels on and going out for the evening. Yes I realise after a few drinks I may regret the cheese but god dammit it's worth it! Seriously. Available in the UK from Waitrose. Do it. And no, I'm not de-toxing.


  1. That box brings back so many happy memories of staying with a French family on my first trip ever to France and being introduced to Caprice des Dieux and my first pink champagne...


  2. Sounds heavenly indeed! Maybe next time I'll stick on some French music, close my eyes and pretend I'm in St Tropez!



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