Friday, 22 June 2012

Birthday Boy

So it was the Wonder Boy's fifth birthday this week. I can't actually believe he's five already...looking back, when he was a baby I used to get broody women cooing over him and saying to me: "ooh he'll grow up so fast!" I used to nod politely, thinking they were a little bit deranged and edging the buggy away from them. But, in fact, they were right. The years have flown by and on the eve of his birthday I found myself getting emotional, with the realisation that he is no longer a baby. Of course he'll always be my baby, but now he is a real actual person who wants to make himself known in the world. Which is a pretty cool thing when you think about it, and something to be excited rather than sad about. Motherhood makes you silly though doesn't it? 

I was pretty pleased with how his cake turned out. Especially considering that I used a really simple, all-in-one sponge recipe by Mary Berry, which you can find by clicking this link - BBC Food Website. I didn't trust it initially as it seemed too simple, but sometimes I guess simplicity is best!

The chocolate fudge frosting was, to be honest, equally as effortless. I used a recipe from the blog Smitten Kitchen, which you can find if you click on the link for 'Instant Fudge Frosting' just above her sponge cake recipe - Smitten Kitchen Best Birthday Cake. By all means try out her sponge recipe instead of Mary Berry's- I fully intended to but forgot to buy buttermilk! It looks delicious, and if her frosting is anything to go by, is bound to be. Let me know if you give it a go!

You pretty much can't go wrong with feeding a chocolate cake to a load of little boys though, right?

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