Tuesday, 20 November 2012

They Are Getting Married

We spent the weekend with our wonderful family, celebrating the engagement of my brother and his partner Lucy. They're an adorable couple, and happen to make excellent hosts, too. So on Saturday night we were treated to dinner of spaghetti and tricolore salad, followed by homemade meringues and fruit. Then it all got a bit less civilized when the sticking-of-spoons-on-faces started...

Family members arrived from both sides the next day, and we enjoyed homemade pasties, quiches, and cakes - including Lorraine Pascal's Oreo brownies which I'd been dying to try; a Baileys and white chocolate cheesecake that a relative of Lucy's has been given strict instruction to send me the recipe of; and little heart-shaped Victoria sponges that made all the women coo quite hysterically. Oh, and champagne of course! Although I regretted that slightly when Toby and I had to rush for our late night train home!
 Totally worth it to spend some time with my brother though. Congratulations Adam and Lucy! xxx

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