Monday, 1 July 2013

Afternoon Tea at The Royal Crescent

Sometimes it's great to be a bit of a tourist in your own city. Especially when one of the tourist destinations happens to be as lovely as The Royal Crescent, which we visited at the weekend for afternoon tea, as a birthday treat for my boyfriend.

The weather was gorgeous so we sat in the hotel gardens, under a fruit tree. Having never been for afternoon tea before, I was a little apprehensive that at £25 a head we might leave feeling hungry. Thankfully that wasn't the case - the tiered stand was filled with sandwiches, perfectly spiced Bath buns, freshly baked (and still warm) scones, topped with a final tier of pastries, cakes and a delicious strawberry and rose meringue. We did ask for more sandwiches which, looking back, was a bit greedy of us. I'd like to say that we did it to test the service, but really I think we just wanted our money's worth! The service itself was charming, traditional (plenty of Sir's and Madam's) and not too intrusive. We were left to relax and take our time over our tea for a couple of hours, and were offered to have our pots of tea refreshed more than once (which we accepted of course - I mean, £25!)

It has to be said, the service may have been so great that day because The Rolling Stones were staying there before playing Glastonbury. That was also a massive bonus for us as we saw Charlie Watts in the lobby and had a brief chat with Ronnie Woods, who was taking a stroll in the gardens, red Hunter wellies on and a cigarette in hand. Now that in itself was a truly priceless experience.

The afternoon tea certainly isn't something you'll be doing every weekend, but for a special occasion it was a real treat. Rock stars not guaranteed.

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