Monday, 15 July 2013

The Oakhill Inn

It's very hot at the moment. Did you notice? As much as I'm enjoying the sun (and really I am not one to complain about the fact that we actually seem to be having a Summer this year), it does mean that I've suddenly found myself in the position of having to wear fewer clothes. Which means that suddenly, and I know that I'm not alone here, I am slightly regretting not cutting back on the old cakes and carbs before this heatwave came along and selfishly forced us to bare our poor, pale bodies.

So I'm trying to eat fewer cakes and carbs...and it's really hard. Because what I've come to realise is this: I love cakes and carbs. I don't enjoy their effects, however. So I tried going cold turkey for a couple of days, but the comedown in this heat was unbearable (in any case I don't really think it's good to go to extremes with your diet, especially if like me, you enjoy the occasional baguette). It seemed to me then, that the happy medium would be to really behave myself during the week, then allow myself a treat or two at the weekend.

By the time last weekend came around, I hadn't eaten bread in 5 days and not a single form of potato had passed my lips. So as you can imagine, the thought of a thick juicy burger served with triple cooked chips had me positively salivating.

Whilst on a country drive we stopped at the rather charming Oakhill Inn in the village of Oakhill, between the villages of Radstock and Shepton Mallet. The inn manages to have found the perfect balance between old country charm and contemporary luxuries, with the friendly and relaxed service you'd expect from a village local, but the impressive menu of a gastro pub. A couple of locals sat at the bar whilst their dogs lay sleepily on the old wooden floors. The back doors opened out onto a pretty little beer garden. The interior meanwhile was dark and cosy, with big wooden tables and worn looking armchairs. We did try sitting outside but the weather proved too much for us, so we took shelter indoors and sat at a window table near the bar.

Needless to say I devoured my burger at first, but just couldn't finish it. Whether it was the heat or the fact that I hadn't eaten red meat or white carbs all week, I can't be sure. It certainly wasn't the burger's fault - I would even go as far as to say it was one of the best burgers that I've ever eaten. And hopefully the thought of it will see me through the next week...

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