Friday, 26 March 2010

This might just be my new favourite thing..

I have to credit my good friend Cat for finding this one! Go to and enter promotional code BCQNPY9F to receive a free trial box containing an array of dried or fresh fruit,nuts,seeds,olives and the odd chocolate button! Free delivery to your door- you can choose what day and they will even deliver them to your workplace, so they're perfect for that 4 o clock slump. Just ordered mine and looking forward to seeing what I'll get!


  1. Good Luck Miss P.
    Your first customer seems very happy.
    My kitchen is looking forward to seeing you soon, Toby is gorgeous. Nora xxxx

  2. I am totally hooked! Although I have to admit the chocolatey bits disappear much more quickly than the seeds for some strange reason. C x



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