Monday, 18 October 2010

A final fling.

Right. I know I was going to have a detox when I returned from my Mum's, but really, since when was a weekend a good time to start something like that?
Ssooo yes, I may have cooked a roast for me and Alice yesterday. There may have been carrots and parnsips roasted in honey, and potatoes roasted in a whole lot of oil....

And there may have been a bowl like this containing copious amounts of butter and sugar. Which may or may not have been made into Apple and Blackberry Crumble. Which we may have eaten on the sofa, watching the X Factor Results...with cream poured over.

But hey, you've got to go out with a bang. Or, at least, a huge sigh-the likes of which you only get with what I like to call that post-roast feeling.

OK so no more baking least for a little while. Oh wait, Halloween's coming up, and I'm sure I've got a great Pumpkin Pie recipe somewhere...

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