Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Café Kino

Holding an enviable street position in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, is Café Kino. This not-for-profit co-operative, owned and operated by its workers and run in part by volunteers, has become a real hub of the local community.

The interior space is open and light (something important to me in a cafe, remember?) with high ceilings, exposed white brick walls and a beautiful old tiled floor. This creates a calming atmosphere that is very conducive to studying, so I found myself spending a happy hour or two here, catching up on some reading.

It's easy to see why the space lends itself well to meetings and events, something that is heartily encouraged as the café's vision is to provide "an inspiring community space and focus for independent cultural and political activity". I'm not quite sure how politics come into it, but there is an interesting social scene here, with events from live music to life drawing classes. 

All of the food is vegan and vegetarian (although they do offer dairy milk for hot drinks, so don't let that put you off if soya lattes aren't your bag) as well as organic, fair trade and locally sourced where possible. Basically ethical in every area that you could think of! 

The menu looked fresh and enticing with homemade soups, salads and dahl on offer. 

I chose a soya latte and a homemade flapjack, which seemed to contain walnuts, poppy seeds and orange zest. It was wholesome yet delicious, and especially so considering its lack of butter or honey. In fact I should have asked them how it was made...I imagine it must have contained vegan butter, or else I can't think how it would stick together...maple syrup, perhaps? Coconut oil? I'm not sure. But I digress. That flapjack has confused and dumbfounded me.

Go and check out the laid-back vibe of Café Kino yourselves. And if you solve the Great Flapjack Mystery, drop me a message would you?

Miss P x

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