Monday, 4 February 2013

Teriyaki Tofu with Brown Rice

I would love to tell you that I made my teriyaki sauce from scratch...but I didn't. So now that's out there, let's accept it and move on.

After a day at uni I fancied a quick and healthy supper, and having some vegetables in the fridge that were desperate to be used, this fit the bill nicely.

Cut 100g tofu into cubes and place into a bowl. Pour over 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce and leave to marinade for about 30 minutes. You can at this point add some fresh garlic or ginger, if you have any. 
While this is marinading, rinse 75g of brown rice and add to a pan of boiling water. Reduce to a simmer, and leave for around 25 minutes to cook.

Prepare your vegetables. I used broccoli, chestnut mushrooms and a carrot. After a quick chop, clean and a grating of carrot, they're ready. 

Remove the tofu from the marinade. Heat some sesame oil in a wok on a high heat. Add your tofu and mixed veg, and stir fry until the tofu is starting to crisp on all sides, and the vegetables are lightly cooked. This will only take 5 minutes. Add a drizzle more teriyaki to the pan, and stir it through.

Drain your rice, and pile on the tofu and vegetables. Add fresh coriander, if you have it, or sesame seeds would also work well. But I was hungry, tired, and haven't quite got my head together for the week yet, so I just ate it straight up, sitting in my kitchen and talking to my cat. True story.

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