Thursday, 2 December 2010


Toby and I spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Cat and her two boys, Oscar and Sebi. Cat is Norwegian, and it's her Scandinavian influence that means she totally knows the best things to get in Ikea. Including this miraculous gingerbread dough, which got me very excited indeed.

Of course, it was for the boys mostly (!) so we had to make train shapes, although I did manage to sneak in a couple of hearts..

This is the most calm you will ever see Sebastian...

Cat had made us some lovely beef stew in her slow cooker. I'll certainly be dragging my own slow cooker from the depths of my cupboards, dusting it down and putting it to use. The idea of whacking it on before work, then returning home to a hearty dinner would give me smug, happy little thoughts throughout the day.

For dessert, our delicious (if a little overdone) biscuits with some highly addictive Charlie and Lola pink milk. This is very much the same as any pink milk you can buy, except with added cute factor..

Definitely going to buy some of this stuff on my next trip to Ikea. Only next time, I think I'm going to attempt a gingerbread house. Hell frickin' yeah.


  1. What do you mean overdone??!! That had nothing to do with me. Gorgeous pictures, was a pleasure to have you over! xxx

  2. CHRISTINE PARKHOUSE3 December 2010 at 11:00

    I don't frickin believe it.I have just bought the stuff from Ikea to make a gingerbread house for Toby as a surprise for Christmas Eve.Love Mumxxx



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