Friday, 28 January 2011

Holy Halloumi!

So there a few ingredients that always get me excited, or that jump out at me when browsing a menu. Halloumi cheese is one of these things. If you've never tried halloumi it! You won't regret it. It's a greek cheese that holds it's texture when cooked, and has a great flavour. It's also very substantial, so is a great base for a salad...

In tonight's case, I cooked some sliced halloumi in a heated griddle pan alongside some courgette and red pepper (for approx 3-4 minutes each side). Then I served this on top of some tinned lentils, which I had heated and added a touch of dijon mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice.

I've had a hectic day of packing up my house and painting my new flat, so I needed something quick, wholesome and satisfying. Tick, tick, tick!

Mmmm halloumi, how I love thee....

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