Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sweet Potato and Mixed Bean Enchiladas

OK I'm finally getting round to sharing these amaaazing enchiladas with you. It's only taken, oh, about 5 days. But hey, back off, they're totally worth the wait! And this week is National Vegetarian Week, so at least it's topical now.
I wish I could take the credit for the awesomness of these, but I actually got the recipe from Kevin over at Closet Cooking (click the link for the full original recipe and quantities)

You basically gently cook the onion and garlic in a frying pan. Then add the beans, spices, and some water and leave to simmer.

The only tweak I had to make here was leaving out the chipotle chillies, as I couldn't get hold of any. So instead I added 2tsp smoked paprika to replace that smoky flavour. I have to say, these were pretty spicy, but nothing that a good old dollop of creme fraiche didn't fix.

You'll also need to make some sweet potato mash. I did this just by microwaving two sweet potatoes for about 8 minutes, scooping out the flesh, then adding seasoning and fresh coriander.

Now assemble your enchiladas. Lay some of the spicy bean mixture onto a tortilla. Spread some of the mash on top, then roll it all up.

Place the four filled tortillas in a baking dish, and top with a simple tomato sauce and some grated cheddar.

(Kevin didn't use tomato sauce in his recipe, instead he served it with salsa. If you want to make a sauce like mine, gently fry one chopped garlic clove in some olive oil for one minute. Tip in one tin of chopped tomatoes, season, add a touch of balsamic vinegar for sweetness, and simmer for approx 10 minutes until thickened)

Bake in a pre-heated oven for about 15 minutes, until the cheese is golden brown and bubbling. Serve with salad, creme fraiche and some homemade guacamole. This will serve 4...unless you're feeling really greedy. A friend and I actually got through 3 between us, but we were ridiculously full afterwards! Enchilada Excess.


  1. Your enchiladas look good! I like that you did them in the tomato sauce!

  2. Well thanks for the recipe! Next I think I'm going to try your Asparagus and Gryuere Tart. It's National Vegetarian Week over here, which is fine by me..!



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