Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dongpo Pork Belly

I recently bought some slices of pork belly, with the idea that I'd attempt to cook a version of this amazing pork belly dish we have in our favourite Chinese restaurant, Hoi Faan. Of course I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of it, so after browsing an embarrassing number of pork recipes on Pinterest, I came across this recipe for Dongpo Pork. 

The chunks of pork belly are braised slowly in a sweet and sticky soy sauce marinade, which is then reduced to a thick glaze. I think I got a little impatient though, so our sauce was not as thick as it perhaps could have been - although a little more flour than the recipe states could have solved that issue.

I served mine on top of some garlic pak choi, alongside fluffy white rice.

Oh, and one more thing - IT HAS GIN IN IT. Gin and pork! What's not to love?

If that seems an unlikely union, you can use the more conventional rice wine. But I couldn't get hold of any, and if Wikipedia tells me that gin is a good substitute, then who am I to argue? You can also use sherry, apparently. But you probably don't have that in the house. Unless you are my Nan.

The recipe is from the adorably named blog 'Kitchen of Friends'. Click HERE to go the full recipe, which has much more instructional pictures than I have managed to give you.
That's honest blogging right there.

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