Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Crown at Bathford

My parents came to visit today, and took Toby and I for lunch at the newly re-furbished pub in Bathford. Having been recently taken over by a French couple, and branded as a "bistro pub", we were curious to see how things had changed..

Well, the decor had certainly improved for a start. The atmosphere was also relaxed and welcoming, with a large roaring fire in the centre of the pub. It wasn't too busy either, which is unusual in a pub on a dreary Sunday, so we were able to relax and take our time. The drinks also arrived very promptly which always helps! We had the house red, as recommended by the waiter, and it was delicious.
But, I hear you cry(!) what about the food?
At £12 per roast, I was a bit apprehensive that we might be disappointed. But when they arrived-beef for Mum, Lamb for myself, Dad and Toby-we were very impressed. The meat was cooked to perfection, with a bit of pink the middle, and there was a generous amount of it. It was accompanied by proper, big fat puffy yorkshires; as good a roast potato as I've ever had; and some cabbage, sprouts and leek that had been cooked in a garlic butter.
I must say it's nice to go for a roast and not come away thinking "could've done that better myself". Thanks to Mum and Dad for a lovely afternoon, and if you live in the Bath/Wiltshire area then give this one a try!

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