Thursday, 25 November 2010

Swooning over Ron Weasley

A very big night for Zoe and I last night, as we went to see the latest Harry Potter film! It was a bit of a 2 for 1 event, as it was Orange Wednesday and Pizza Express also do the same offer. More money for the Pinot Grigio then!

Despite being absolutely stuffed, we managed to find room for some chocolate at the cinema. You can see how excited Zoe is..a lady behind actually told us to calm down as we kept squealing so much. Not cool, I know, but we just couldn't contain ourselves!

Anyway I highly recommend the film (OK it was nearly 3 hours, but I could have taken another hour!)....and the dough balls.
I'm off to work this evening for a special Christmas late night shopping event. I've spent all afternoon baking up a frenzy in the kitchen, making 100 mini mince pies for the customers! Pictures to follow tomorrow, now I have to go and make myself look festive..x

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