Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Heart Weekends

Well it's been a pretty action-packed one. Yesterday Toby and I went to a sunny birthday party for one of his friends from nursery. Then (in the manner of Clark Kent transforming into Superman, quick as a flash) I got all dolled up to go a much more adult birthday party for my friends Rene and Kelvin. Double life? Moi? They hired out Opium in Bath for the night (FYI-probably the sexiest bar in town, like a little underground Moulin Rouge/moroccan den), and we danced all night. Well, until the clocks went forward an hour for British Summertime...bad timing to have a party! Umm hello, how adorable are these cupcakes cunningly disguised as ice cream cones?

As you can see, the party mostly ended up on the street as it was soooo hot inside!

So today I was back with my darling, who happens to be a pretty good hangover cure. We went out in the sun, walked through the park, and met friends for a milkshake in town. Turns out, espresso milkshakes are also a good hangover cure...Toby had chocolate though, obviously...

....then a chilled Sunday evening involving takeaway, pyjamas, and snuggling. Monday, do your worst!

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