Friday, 15 March 2013

Creperie du Monde

Creperie du Monde, Chatsworth Street, Hackney - a must visit if you're in the area. This popular local hang out is the perfect brunch destination, so as a big group of hungover gals last weekend we were very lucky to manage to get a table to fit us all. We sought solace in the freshly made crepes, juices and smoothies, whilst pondering whether shots the night before had been a bad choice.

The menu has a wide selection of savoury and sweet options, from an Eggs Benedict folded crepe to the humble maple syrup with berries. Some of the sweet options border on the obscene, such as 'Samba Banana' with cinnamon, hot sliced banana and toffee dulce de leche, or the New York Crunch  with biscuit, nuts, cream and butterscotch. A bit heavy for the morning after the night before, but perhaps another time.

I had the 'Brunch Favourite' - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and washed it down with a freshly made orange and carrot juice. A pretty damn good hangover cure I'd say.

It did make me wonder, why do I never think to make savoury pancakes at home?
   *adds to my to-do list*

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