Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday Brunch- possibly my favourite meal

So nice to have a day off with my boys today. Just the three of us, no plans, and time to enjoy each other's company. Thought I'd treat them to a brunch of scrambled eggs and bacon, with orange juice and proper coffee (just juice for Toby of course!)
I learnt how to make the best scrambled eggs from a cafe/restaurant I used to work in called Same Same But Different in Bath. They really do a great breakfast.
The secret is a generous knob of butter melted slowly in a frying pan, to start.
In a bowl, whisk two eggs per person. Add a splash of milk and some salt and pepper.
Pour this into the pan and gently whisk the surface of the mixture. This will get air into the eggs, giving you a light and fluffy result.
Now continuously stir the eggs, gently, until they start to become more solid but are still soft and slightly runny. This will literally only take about 2 minutes.

The key to making sure the eggs stay soft, is to take them off the heat when they're almost finsished cooking, as they will continue cooking in the residual heat. Otherwise you'll end up with firm, over cooked eggs that are more like an omelette! Then I like mine with crispy bacon, toast, and an extra sprinkling of black pepper.


  1. You mean toddlers are supposed to 'eat' the food we make?!? Crikey. I must be doing something wrong ;-)

  2. Lol he usually eats more than me!x

  3. As you are now such a great cook, does this mean you will be doing all the cooking on holiday ?



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