Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Veggie Patch-Stage One!

Last year we grew a few tomatoes in our garden ( I say "we", most of the credit goes to Tim). In our sad little way, we found it quite exciting! So we thought we'd go a bit further this year and start a little veg patch. Unfortunately we now have a much smaller garden than our last house, but there's still room to squeeze one in. We've had to do it in the front garden as it gets the most sun, so the whole street will be able to see how we get on...and if it all goes horribly wrong!

Tim and Toby spent Sunday afternoon digging and setting up the frame for the veggie bed. Then he raked the soil and laid down the compost. Now I'm just waiting for him start planting the seeds! We're (hopefully) going to have carrots, red onion, cabbage, sweetcorn, courgettes and cucumber. Stay tuned..


  1. any sign of life in the veggie bed yet?

  2. Umm no not yet! But we have some cucumber seeds in a pot on our windowsill that have come up really quickly, so they'll be moved outside now. Let's hope the other veggies feel threatened and start to show themselves!



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