Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pizza Express

I actually feel a bit silly posting this after all that talk of my new healthy lifestyle, BUT in my defence we had a gift card for Pizza Express to use, and after a chilled late afternoon at the crescent it was just too convenient to resist! Had a lovely time with my girls Alice and Zoe, then Tim met us from work and we ended up meeting friends outside the Garricks Head for a drink. It was one of those spontaneous evenings that ends up being really lovely.

I had a Fiorentina pizza, Tim had a pizza with artichokes, peppers, olives,garlic oil and pesto, and Zoe had baked spaghetti with mushrooms.

Toby was bribed to behave with the promise of chocolate ice cream. Works every time. Actually he was a little angel, stayed out until 9 o clock and he loved every minute. There's something about a lovely Summer evening, it feels more civilised to let Toby stay up with the grown-ups.

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