Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hello from Ireland

Giant swiss roll from the bakery

We arrived in Ireland yesterday, to a quite unwelcoming sight of heavy rain and winds. Of course, we had a lovely warm welcome when we got to Tim's Auntie Nora's house, and had endless cups of tea around the kitchen table. Nora had bought in all of Tim's favourite Irish foods.

Happily, the weather was gorgeous today, and we awoke to sun streaming through the window and a beautiful view of the Irish hills. We visited a nearby town, Ballina, for some shopping and lunch at a very old school cafe called Padraic's serving salmon from the nearby River Moy.
We spent the afternoon in Nora's garden,visiting the nearby donkeys and having tea and cake.
By the way I've fixed the link on my previous post, so if you have nothing better to do you can watch my (seriously) cringey youtube clip!


  1. It was, but I ate waaayyy too much cake! Think I might go on a post-holiday detox..x



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